Name: – Not pronounceable, To Be Added-

Alias: Rock, 3rd Prince of the Lava Men.

Age: 20

Height: 8’5”

Weight: 1.4 tons

Hair Color: -n/a-

Eye Color: -n/a-

POB: Lower Subterrainia.

History: – To Be Added –

Powers: Lava Man Life Form.

Increased Strength – Rocky Entity.

Vast natural strength when compared to weaker human biology.

Improved Durability – Lava Dermal Armor.

Entirely composed of living rock, increased resistance to harm.

Disease Immunity – Lava Man Biology.

Immune to Diseases generated on the surface world.

Thermal Immunity. – Heat Generation.

Immune to Heat-Based Thermal attacks, has a molten core.


Enrollment: Voluntary

Code and Rank: (-To Be Added-)

Guilty Pleasure: Netflix Binges Lost Girl

Criminal History: Diplomatic Immunity (Son of Subterriania Ambassador)