Greetings everyone, I hope you are all having a fabulous Independence Day. (Also late but excellent too mention, Happy Canada Day!) I hope all your celebrations are grand!

I also wanted to take a moment to cover what’s going on with the comic reaching the end of issue 2. As per the usual week break after three pages, I’ll be taking the week to prep the beginning of this next issue and make sure everything runs smoothly. (Keeping with the regular schedule going into issue 3.) As standard for this break period, sketch updates and character development for the coming updates will be shown on Patreon and Instagram.

So check it out if you want sneak peeks of things to come. Lots of new characters and reveals on the horizon, so I will even dig out some old development/sketches (2013-2014ish) to share. I am hoping you enjoy them, as by the end of this issue the cast will roughly double!

As for Issue 3, I’m amazingly thankful to get started and sharing it with all of you, especially since it’s pacing will really start revving up. If I have any troubles with production I will let you know ahead of time, but high hopes of keeping to the schedule!

Also keep an eye out for small changes to older pages, as I am going through and trying to make changes for ease of reading. Plus, some lovely additions/changes to the cast page once I get them prepped and ready.

As Always, Thanks for Reading!