Greetings Everyone!


For those wondering where I have been, due to hitting a month without an updates, here is some news! Like last time my updates got spotty in Jan – May, my grandmother is sick. I’ve been debating how much of it to share on here.


My family was told this is the last time she’ll be sick and coming to terms with that, so it’s been a struggle finding acceptance in that.


I’ve been spending every other week on a train between towns and working on the go. Drawing on a train being impossible, but I’d be happy to share the scribbles that result. It’s has been a challenge to sit down and concentrate with everything going on in both places I’m torn between. Especially given how picky I am over my art quality and the emotional rollercoaster.


Updates will resume soon, but I can’t promise a schedule yet. (I’ve been working on the latest page for a month after all.)


Please understand I’m still working when able and trying my best to get the story out there.

As always, Thanks for Reading.