Greetings everyone!

In a few of my past notes I have mention that there is a coding to go along with the colored stripes of the characters. (Newbies like Theo and Eric get 0000) Though I’ve been struggling to recreate it due to lose of notes (8 years of scrap papers will do that.) I’ve had some great help putting this back together and would love some input to finalize the layout, as I’m beginning to come up empty and I promised top share today.

So I’m turning it to option for you all to help with input for the blank sections, to share ideas across this blog post as needed.

The classification system breaks down to the following. And while it maybe impossible to fully breakdown the full spectrum of powers for most comic universes into a simple code or formula, I’m just trying to cover the basic theory and idea.

1st Number: Species

2nd Number: Origin

3rd Number: Power

4th Number: Power Descriptor

5th Number: Multiple Power, Using same coding as 3rd.

6th Number: Multiple Power Descriptor, Same coding as 4th

So it would break down to a number selection of 00-00 or 00-0000 for a multiple power (if more than that, they tend to stick to dominant powers.) It’s still hard to understand or grasp, I’ll post some breakdowns of more popular characters in the comments below. I’m also willing to answer any questions, so feel free to ask.

Here is a link to what I’m talking about! Power Chart.

As Always, Thanks for Reading.