You might have noticed, I’ve been absent for a little while and rather quiet.


I found out the hard way that a Hard Drive (SSD) can crash without warning, and simply be toasted beyond use. As it also turns out my most recent back-up is also not reading, luckily I still had my third and fourth, taking my last saves back to December.


Rather than putting this up immediately, I took it to an expert and looked into data recovery. When that didn’t work, I am faced with a 15% chance of recovery or total lose, or paying a substantial sum for the return of the missing work.


Which when re-creating for print it would be 14 total pages I would need to redo. Luckily, I still have these uploaded pages but the amount missing would still take months to re-make for high-res. Which is pretty damn daunting, knocked the wind out of me for over a week.


That said, I am going to keep going (like i’d ever stop.) I’ve just been working my way back up to it with art (character development, and rebuilding color palettes), and I need to update to windows 10 and do an entire re-build while I have the chance.


Thanks for Reading, I’ll be back soon.