Update 5/17/15

Firstly- Above is a fantastic piece of Chimera Fan Art from my very good friend and artist Timothy Prettyman. Yes, somehow that is his god given name and he will never live it down. His style has always been wicked unique and continues to grow, you should check out his shop! Hopefully we get some more UD related art from him in the future.


Secondly- The schedule is going to be updating to every Two Weeks, the next update being Saturday the 23rd. There will more than likely be an extra page thrown in every other rotating week, so it will break down to 3 pages a month. This is to help me build up a buffer and get things that sorely needed to be taken care of knocked out so the comic can continue to grow. Stay tuned to this blog for updates or the Patreon feed for sketches, and page previews!


Thirdly- Along the lines of above, The Underdogs Facebook Page is actually alive and kicking! I have taken over as the one maintaining and plan on keeping it current and sharing updates. So if you want notifications from the comic, swing on in.


Fourthly & Lastly – Underdogs has joined the Super Hero Collective, which is partially why there is so much activity and changes on this end. This is a great group of other super web-comics you can check out through the banner on the left!


As Always, Thanks for Reading.