I was given a rare opportunity and jumped for it. I was offered to attend the Dallas Fan Expo with a few good friends and meet Stan Lee.

So after a 14 hour drive and a theme-park like wait, I was able to get him to sign a poster I have held onto for a few years. The exchange was simple, a thank you, a discussion about the piece, and the smile we have all come to expect from probably the biggest celebrity of out genre.

My friend Adam went just before me, and had a notable one as well.

“Thank you for your years of entertaining Stan!” He shouted while being ushered, and Stan looked up and grinned and said. “It’s all for you.” Absolutely stellar exchange to his fans, and looking pretty swell for 93.


If you are attending, direct message my Instagram or hit me up on here. I am always down for adventures.

As Always, Thank You for Reading!