Eric Snopes


Alias: None Known.

Species: Human

Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 6’6”
Weight: 310 lbs (136 kg)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown

POB: Farmington, Illinois.


Eric Snopes was born in the small town of Farmington, Illinois to Darlene and Harold Snopes Jr., and spent most his formative years in the farm house Harold inherited from his family. Secluded in the outskirts of the county, there are only scattered records until entering the school system at age 5. However, Eric’s early years do not denote anything particularly noteworthy nor out of place. This is in stark contrast to the later years spent at the farm.

His early years in school marked him as an average student as far as grade school goes, noting only that he was enthusiastic about a vast amount of subject matters. Eric’s other records state mostly similar findings up until the time his mother, Darlene, passed soon after the birth of his only living sibling, younger brother, Scott Snopes.

The loss of his mother left a sizable gap in the once functioning household, taking the most notable effect on Harold. The family and the farmstead maintained a small semblance of normalcy for the next five years, but it eventually gave way to chaos. However, through a handful of police reports and teacher’s findings, it isn’t hard to put together that Eric’s home life took a darkened turn.

Harold had become recluse after a year stint as the town drunk, and then repeatedly came into conflict with his two sons. The farm had fallen steeply into disrepair and bankruptcy, and all of the livestock and machinery having then been sold to pay of the growing debts. Eric and Scott began to frequently miss school, and when they did attend, several teachers made notes of their concerns.


After Harold’s passing, Eric was given custodial rights to Scott while finishing out his junior year of high school.


This incident gathered some news coverage included in the file, though his name was never directly connected. However, the higher ups took a special notice of Eric at this point, called him up for review and ordered passive surveillance. The school having been shut down for the next three months, Eric used his credits to graduate early and then uprooted himself and Scott to move to Chicago.

This catches us up to a year ago, with them moving into the Northside of Chicago home of Dorothy and Kenneth Durdle. (Yes, of the “Imperial’s Best Chum Kenny” fame, though long retired.) Since moving here, they have mostly kept to themselves with Eric working several jobs to maintain the growing expenses of a larger household.

Distinguishable Features: Eric requires an aid for hearing assistance in his right ear. His left seems to be suffering continual degeneration to the point of near complete hearing loss.
Power Origin: Unknown

Increased Durability
-Eric has presented incredible resistance to injury. Though the limits remain untested at this time, it could very well be ranked as a lower grade of invulnerability.
Enhanced Strength
-Beyond upper human standards, this aspect of his power set is also largely untested, though he has displayed feats showing that he is more than capable of beyond the human spectrum.

Enrollment: Mandatory
Code and Rank: 0000 (White Basic: Untested)

Favorite Food: Homemade Mac and Cheese.

Criminal History:
Destruction of Government Property.