Theodore Basque

Alias: None.

Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 180 lbs (82 kg)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown

POB: (Presumably) New Orleans, Louisiana.


The ‘Basque’ family has displayed the innate ability to fall off the grid without warning and not resurface for years at a time for more than five decades. Taking that into account, Theodore Basque is the exception to that rule. Presumably born in rural Louisiana, Theodore and his mother, Aimee, came to our attention during a short lived separation from what will hereby be known as their ‘Origin Family,’ in which she took her son and moved to St. Louis on the eve of his 12th birthday.

The cause of the split is unknown, but similarly to past inquiries, all attempts to locate the roots of the ‘Origin Family’ have failed. Former agents have surmised that ‘Basque’ is an assumed name.

Here, after two years, Theodore then split from Aimee and the family as a whole by becoming a runaway at the age of 14. In the following months we have less records of Aimee until she falls off the grid and we lose track completely. The common conclusion is that she rejoined the ‘Origin Family’ and has yet to resurface.

Theodore’s street life style has continually led to several clashes with the law, and has given us a time table of his escalating clashes of aggression and criminal activities. It’s still unknown when his powers first began to manifest at large, but we have been able to link them to a handful of robberies across St. Louis over the past few months.

After falling in with the latest string of street crews, the robberies have become more frequent and taken on a larger scale. However, Theodore himself still lives in somewhat squalor as some odd type of punishment.


Distinguishable Features: Theodore lacks the ability to cast a shadow onto anything but his own body; these shadows (usually very light in composure) cannot be interacted with for use of his power. The cause of this characteristic is presumably tied directly to his power set.

Origin: Unknown

Shadow Traversal
-Displaying a unique ability of rending shadows into tangible space through skin contact, creating, in essence, a wormhole or portal through a chasm of darkness. The distance and size of these ‘portals’ are directly dependent on the degree of darkness and size of the specific shadow of contact.
-It is unknown as to what takes place while ‘In Transit’ within the shadow, as there are instances of a lag time in the submersion aspect. However, other times it is completely instantaneous, with him using extremities to interact with the physical world on the other side of the ‘portal.’

Enrollment: Mandatory
Code and Rank: 0000 (White Basic: Untested)

Favorite Film: Ip Man

Criminal History:

Person of Interest-
Assault and Battery
2 Open Missing Persons

Class 2 Trespassing
Misdemeanor Petty Theft
Class S: Felony Robbery.