What is Underdogs?
It follows Theo and Eric as they progress through the layered world of a mid-west super-heroics and the world that surrounds them. Making enemies and friends as they try not to get killed along the way.

Essentially, trying to tell super-powered story that is trying not to feel like only a super-powered story.

How Long is Underdogs?
It has a planned start and end, but whether I can get to all of it is up to endurance. I planned 4 volumes, along with side stories and mini-origins, that will cover a sprawling and hopefully entertaining story.

What’s in Eric’s Ear?
That is a Behind-The-Ear (BTE) Hearing Aid, to overcome his hearing loss. As of the new aid given to him in issue 2, it belonged to a former Cowl named Super-Sonic.

What is a Chimera Rat?

The Chimera Rat is a pest that expanded rapidly throughout the city of Chicago in the late 1970’s. It has heavily resisted extermination and has replaced the Brown Rat as the dominate pest through interbreeding.

While still technically of the Murinae subfamily, Chimera Rats are born with a remarkable array of genetic markers of (usually) two other species drawn from a wide variety of Phyla. Leaving the rat with a series of traits or features completely unassociated with their subfamily, it has gained the moniker ‘Chimera.’

The oddity is that this selection completely ignores the markers of siblings’ or parents’ genetic code, except for the base ‘Rat’ markers that remain intact. It is a modern scientific mystery as to how this is accomplished, but it is largely agreed by the community that it was not a natural occurrence.

Who Built/What is the Schoolyard?

While it’s covered rather well in the introduction as to what the Schoolyard is in theory, and there is a lot more to come in the comic. I haven’t really touched on what the structure was originally intended for. It is a former hanger and base of operations for the famous BedBug. The Premiere tech genius/giant robot of the Cape community in the 70s-80s, but long since retired. So most of the structure was built with testing, turning of these creations in mind, hence the size. You can see one of his former rigs in the reveal. Hint: it’s the giant robot.