A special kind of Holiday Update today, my gift from the wonderful Zappit of Supervillianous!

Which features Reaper facing off against Meat (King of the Lizard-men), while Crimson Claw tries to intervene. Hot heads truly make the best of trouble starters. I highly recommend checking out their comic, I have been digging it for a while now and it has a wonderful amount of hi-jinks.

A lot of us in the Collective did a round of Secret Santa gifts, all of which can be found Here. You can even check out my submission for the ever entertaining Giant Girl Adventures.

Everyone truly blew me away, it’s always a pleasure to be part of a group with such talented people. I recommend if you are ever looking for some new reading check out the Collective of Heroes button to the left, or the Spiderforest.com to which Supervillianous also belongs.

I hope everyone has a great Holiday, and a safe New Year.
As always, Thanks for Reading!