Oh my goodness! This was truly a blast to make. (Click Image for Enhanced View!)

If the page before is the freshmen attempt at capturing Chicago, this was the slightly edgier sophomore who’s taken up smoking to be cool. (Don’t Smoke, Just Don’t.) It was even more labor intensive and rewarding in the things I learned from tacking it all together. Accomplishing a real feel that the tiny glimpses and sights of the world I envisioned so long ago when writing and being closer on target to what this grand playground was going to look like.

True it’s not perfect, but I don’t take that as a failure but a challenge. Every time that I ponder about the next time I will get to draw a cityscape I hope I can make it feel truly alive, lived in and believable. This was just attempt number 2, and I can’t wait for another crack at it.

Just like the page before, it was an attempt at drawing the Chicago of Underdogs with heartily invested imagination through a passing series images. Of all of these panels, only four aren’t taken from actual places and travels in the city (A Hint: The Robot and Chimera Rats are two of them.) This was me looking at the first page introduction and saying I could do more, wrapping up everything I had and could offer in those moments and making it shine. If it wasn’t clear: I love this page, and this page loves me.

This page, my first splash (Oh My!) was never in the original script for the first issue at all. Upon finishing the first page, I felt as if I could truly do more and share a better introduction into this world. So, I took some of the immense wording from the first and stretched it through even more imagery of this Chicago. It ended up throwing off my page count, my release dates, it was a massive headache, and it was entirely worth it. I was able to invest hints of so many things that I wanted to share from the future comics into this page. Everything from Chimera Rat’s, the Giant Robot Statue, and a Robot in a Stetson to boot all rolled up into a big splash page.

I made the text in a circular layout that doesn’t to adhere to my (attempts at) normal format, so while reading you had to wander the outside page and the images a little longer than necessary. I was just so excited to share this and let you the readers have a look, because, besides a few touch ups in spacing and coloring, I wouldn’t change a thing. This was the page that started to help me really enjoy my own work, something that is no small feat. It was something that like most artist or writers, I really struggled with.

Did you see the Chimera Rats? They share the same blood line with those lovely fellows in the banner, and more can be read about them here. I love them and had been kicking myself for not being able to include them more recently, but I am moving as fast as I can to make it so. As for the giant robot and some of the other not so obvious things hinted on this page, there is so much more is to come! If you’ve stuck with me this long, I promise I will not leave you in the dark forever.

I am itching to get to the next splash coming up in an issue or two.

As always! Thank you for reading.