As mentioned before, I was lucky enough to be in contact with a handful of other web comic creators while in the process of prepping my comic (from script to page) for the web. One of them was the quite hilarious and most gracious (nugget loving) Ronnie from Whomp! who let me include his character in the first panel, which was a real blast. (My secret hope is that Ronnie will guest star in every comic out there.) Also, for anyone who didn’t know, Ronnie could easily have been a representation of me (a few years ago) or my younger brother. So almost every joke hits somewhere close to home, sometimes tooooo close.

I absolutely loved the final design for this animal suit. I ended up planting the franchise all over the place (Page 1, Panel 1) and probably even more later on. It’s just so much fun and has funny story growing out of it that I made on the spot while designing the costume. Originally Eric was planned to be in a massive Elephant costume, but this summoned itself out of adorable ether into existence.

Hell, it might even get its own Mini someday. The original idea was inspired by my cousin and years of visiting Chuck E. Cheese’s to see her at work. Only after I had actually drew this did I have the luck and strange experience of climbing into an animal suit. It’s definitely an experience, and not quite like anything you’d expect. Actually it’s pretty much exactly like you’d expect: sweaty and confining.

For a transitional page I really like how it all pulled together, especially the dialogue work of it all. The vibe and feel of it carries over very well into the following page, setting a nice pace. And this page concluded the original 5 pages uploaded at the very first publication of the comic in Nov. 2013. For where I was at the time, this was a massive leap forward in art progression.

As always, thank you for reading!