This page was a pretty big milestone to me, being that the setup and the surroundings are just as important as the characters themselves. Since it was the first planned interior, it was also a growing experience. While I had a clear picture of everything in my head, a cluttered apparently stocked with with memories, I had never laid out how it all strung together.

The feat was to plan it from top to bottom and make it just as cramped and lovingly-lived in as it had always been in my head. What made it into the page was a limited success, but also made so many things clearer. At its core, the page was designed to plant the seeds for what I would be using as foundations later in the series. I don’t know if it had the warm glow, and hearth-like feel I had intended to start, but rest assured I will get another chance upon revisiting the apartment later in the series.

This page even offers the first glimpses of the heavily cluttered “Picture Wall,” though admittedly “Durdle’s Wall” might offer a more endearing name. When I finally get to share it on the website, it will make a very definite labor of love a reality and add real glimpses from the past of the diverse universe that hasn’t yet crossed the pages, from the ever energetic Scoots, to the dog.

It is worth mentioning, that there is another reason these pages stand out to me.

Kenny and Dorothy are also very close to my heart. I started this book with the knowledge that two of the greatest people I had the privilege of knowing would actually be characters in the story. I do this as a way of sharing them with others and, more greedily, to keep them alive in my life, even if only in stories and art for my everyday life. This entire project being revived acts as one of the coping mechanisms I had for dealing with loss, and still am. I can promise that they are more than they appear, just like their real life counter-parts.

So, in my own little way, they wouldn’t leave.

As always, thanks for reading.