I started this page knowing that I was at an interesting place artistically. Since starting the book I had already learned countless things from study and practice. As a counterpoint, I also had reached the point where I could see what I perceived as my glaring weaknesses.

Most notably, I couldn’t really hold down a certain face or look of a person for multiple panels, and it was something I sorely needed practice with. I learned a lot while working on this page, it was a struggle to get through with consistency and still try and capture all the little moments.

It could serve just as a freeze frame in time as reference to what some of the characters’ lives were like before the book really gets underway. The calm moment was lost to hindsight from that moment on. Looking back close to two years later, I think it was a pretty bang up job.

Playing cards was a way to spend time with each other and bond while using limited dialogue and with something else to concentrate on. My Midwestern grandparents were very big on it, and passed it down to their children and grandchildren. It’s something I wanted to include in the book from the beginning, as it really did hold a cornerstone in some memories.

As always, thanks for reading.