So a little known fact is that almost every background character so far is either someone from my life or character from another medium inserted into the comic. It makes for the most fun when figuring out a scene and having a wealth of characters to call upon, especially if it is from something I’m watching while working on the current pages. (Some of said characters are called out in the comments below if interested, I’ll answer as guessed)

This page is also a lot of fun, due to the fact I wrote two pages in actual news paper format for the overly curious. (Here! 1 and 2) It is the little details that amuse me about writing scenes and this was no different. It has a lot of in-universe facts and hints that will be wide spread for some time to come so if interested you can dive into that as well.

This page also has the first mental flash back, something that will be expanded upon in the future. The basics however are that all characters have a different style of memory/thought and I’ll be exploring that as the book goes forward, some more references can be found MINOR SPOILERS: here and here.

Eric’s in more of a water color painting with a sketched quality. Like his mind is constantly filling in the details as the merge and change, fluid like thoughts. This was my very first attempt at digital water color and it was amazing to me when first completed. There is a very good chance as time allows I might revisit it in time and see what a more seasoned hand might accomplish.

That said, I absolutely love what I was capable at the time. Trench War fare was never glamorous but when presented with a twist, slightly more like a wild west dime novel than a tragedy. Each of the heroes shown have names, but in earnest I’ll have to look back at my notes to find them if anyone is curious.

As always, thanks for reading.