The page that almost never was.

Originally this and the following page were combined on 6 panel page. The results were quite squashed on top of each other.To me, it felt muddled and confusing no matter what I tried, neither expansive nor informative. So taking a brain-break I cracked open Dwaryn Cooke’s New Frontier, which I still do, since to this day it is one of my favorite stories. In this book, the scope feels so much larger by maintaining a 3 panel page throughout most of the run, capturing that wide breadth and cinematic feel.

So of course I tried it, page constraint be damned. (I would combine the following two pages to make up for it.) The results, as you can see are some of my best works to date, and has the first feelings of what my current style has evolved into. In terms of lighting and story telling,  a leap forward even just a small one.


Like with Eric and Theo, ‘The Colonel’ himself has a visually represented mindscape and since we are getting a glimpse of it while giving his speech. We as the audience get to see a more classical feel to a comic book from  the silver age in presentation and feel. The give away (I had hoped) were the halftone dots throughout the background of these panels, to break up the imagined from the real. Much like Eric’s watercolor like memories, and Theo’s  un-explored blackboard like darkened depths. Both presented on the previous page.


Each and everyone of these Capes and/or Cowls from panel 2 have a name and several will be appearing in the future. As for the names. I have them all individually saved on the Photoshop layers and could happily dig them out for the curious among you.


PS – To those who were wondering! The finger in the last panel was suppose to be broken, originally I drew it with a bone exposed but later removed it so it wasn’t as  graphic.

Double PS- The Cowl front and center is Super Sonic, the source of single hearing aid that Eric wears, though the cowl wears 2!

As Always, Thanks for Reading!