Oh the Stars and Stripes.

It’s an ambitious idea to say the least, maybe overly so but at the very least they are trying to do something that no one else has tried, super reform. Giving everyone that one chance they might not have had otherwise, for them to choose to embrace or slap away.

As one of the major themes, this is definitely going to expanded and shown more in the future with the start of Issue 3. As well as seeing some of the other students enrolled!

For the 2nd panel, we have the faceless politician taken to a whole new level. I like to think the sheer amount of military background that the Colonel embraces colors everything in his memories as slight tint of red, white, and blue. Or he just wouldn’t be the man who lives for ideals that you’ll be getting to know.

Then we have the School Yards Big Three, the faces that make up the main backers of the Schoolyard and some of the heaviest hitters in the UD Universe.

Those shown in order are Bedbug, Atlas, and Armory.

If you have been reading the comments, you might have heard a little about them so far but there will be much more to come in the future of the comic for all three. They all have some pretty major effects on the Schoolyard and beyond. I can’t really touch on it now but I’m very excited for when I finally can.

As Always, Thanks for Reading!