I like to experiment a lot with my pages and see what works for me.

After those last two pages that took ever bit of my art anima. I wanted to do more than just 3 panel pages and see what I could really fit in with enough hard work and angles. And thus this 8 panel page was born! I have to double check but I think this page actually borrowed some of the panels from the next scripted page to help make that splash happen. It did.

It was a lot of hard work but I absolutely loved what came across in this page.

One of the biggest themes of Underdogs are the challenges that one faces in a life, both emotional and physical. The main one shown here being the Colonel’s sacrifices to a long life of heroics. It will be eventually touched on, but he was one of the more well known Capes of his generation. Old injuries do not stop him from being a commanding presence, or a true force to be reckoned with and I wanted to bring that across. The Colonel has always been a mixture of Clint Eastwood and Wes Studi in my mind, so you can see the intensity I strive for.

Also if you are looking back, this was the first real page that I started to really not be afraid of using shadows, and tried to use them to define the forms rather than cling to the edges. Using multiple layers to aid with getting the images to seem alive on the page, that has really influenced my art since. Gosh, I really do like this page, it’s a blast to look back and just see the little things I did or what I would touch on differently now.

As Always, Thanks for Reading!