The Splash Page that Broke the Camels Back!

I love this page, it is a gem in the history of the comic and also the last page uploaded before everything came crashing down. This was my chance to show all you reader’s a glimpse outside the Crow’s Nest into the vastness of the Schoolyard. Then the site crashed, and disastrously.

Within the week of me pouring all my hard work and budding talent into this page, I transitioned over to the wonderful 1and1 from my previous host and lost everything. Nothing carried over like it was suppose to and I lost all the page descriptions, comments, and conversations from you lovely people. It was a lot, and I mean a lot of data I’m never going to fully get back.

It was a big blow to me right when I was starting to hit a stride again, I have just recently started to heal that by mounting the task of re-typing and editing was was lost. Hopefully to somewhere close to it’s former glory.

That said, I still love this page. It captured exactly what it needed to at the time, an expansive and strange techno wonderland. Partial reveals of a Giant Robot (BedBug) and structure carved out of rock face, it was and is a big deal to me. Drawing the layout of such a facility from a fixed point was not something I had given a lot of thought too, and this was a real test for me.

I think it really paid off, and I hope you do too.

As Always, Thanks for Reading!