New Pages!

Always great to share what I’ve been working on while the site has been in transition (aka exploded between host and becoming fiery wreckage from which no comment/older page write ups could escape alive.) When trying to move from Bluehost to our new home a 1and1, all of the things went wrong and I was hit with a 2 month black out while we tried to sort through the difference in sorting/naming and files to recover info (It didn’t work.) Then we rebuilt the site from scratch using all my backups!

Because if you do art, save it everywhere… and then some. (As of May 2015 I’m learning to handle it all on my own.)

Jacobson and Theo will forever have my favorite banter moments, I used to just chuckle to myself at the computer at night like an unhinged individual when writing their dialogue. It’s aged decently and the more all-age friendly wording made it onto the page. I always picture these two just sitting in the back of a van insulting each other on long drives, which if I could work into the script would be pages upon pages.

That said – Welcome Back!

As Always, Thanks for Reading!