And the first update of 2015!

Before the following page (16), I am pretty sure this had the most panels that I ever tried to incorporate into a page (save for that one splash and that other fightscene) that had dialogue. There’s 10, no need to go back and count, it’s truish. This page was a big mile marker for me, and something I didn’t want to screw up, even more than my usual ‘how am I going to pull this off‘ panic.

It is the first time you (all readers) get to see the boys in Uniform/Schoolyard Attire, besides some of the holiday slates that had the prototype designs in them. This was when Eric and Theo finally have the look that visually defines them for me, for the first book anyway. Having wrote this years ago and let it gather dust, this is one of the key moments I would think about seeing someday.

Nothing describes how incredibly satisfying it was to finally show it. For the occasion, I actually took reference photos for the shots of these two pages. Since they were drawn together as one massive project due to magnitude of panel count, since I hadn’t done that I also made a throw back to last time I attempted photo reference here. Not only was I showing something I had always wanted to but I also got to see how very far I had come with the comic.

For the reference: I posed for Eric and (hope I didn’t leak too much of myself into him) and Jenni posed for Theo (She did a great job! Her facial expressions carried over almost directly.)

Thanks for Reading!