Ladies and Gents!

First let me just say that I am really appreciating the new readers stopping in, so happy to have you. After the server/host issues I was worried that I would be left in the backwaters of the internet somewhere, you have proved me wrong!

This page is part of the pair when drawing 15, you can find more info there as well.

This is my first floating head panel page, in the style of Bendis or Kirkman, whom I truly adore as creators. I set out to capture a true moment the first time these two are left alone to be themselves around each other in a larger than life situation and not know what would come next. No introductions, just feeling each other out and they basically started to write themselves for me at this point.  Trying to figure out what they were going to do, who this stranger with them was, and what the **** was going on.

It was a blast, and the locker room was fun to design to boot. Especially with those hanging uniforms in the background.

As I mentioned before, I used photo reference to work a lot of this and the previous page, which helped a lot because this was the most I tried to draw the characters on one page while maintaining their looks. It’s still not flawless but by comparison, it’s come a pretty long way. I couldn’t be happier with the first year of progress.

Sidenote: Panel 3 is my favorite shot of Eric thus far, I’m pretty sure anytime Theo says anything there is a 50/50 chance that is his facial reaction to it.

Thank You For Reading!