Greetings One and All!

I am proud to present a new page! It was the first thing I drew after a long extended winter break (aka burnt out/life is hard sometimes) and it very much was trial and error. I had to learn to draw again, which sounds strange but you actually do get rusty very quickly, and it is endlessly frustrating. And as you can tell totally worth it! The 3rd panel is probably my favorite Theo panel of all time, just nailed him to a T there.

Which is the best when you are learning to draw a character again, and then can’t quite capture them the way you want. Lots of sighing and head scratching, the struggle is real.

Also! A very special shout out to my very good friend Matt Synowicz, who helped me layout both 17 and 18 when I was struggling to lock them down. We’ve been friends for almost a decade and have worked together on two separate occasions. As someone to look up to art wise, I couldn’t ask for someone better.

Click his name for his art blog, it’ll blow you away. If you can dream it, he’s done it, been featured for it, then did it again.

(He was actually going to be the artist for Underdogs at one point and we have some designs/about 10 rough pages laying around, those might float to the surface someday in the future. Though for the forseeable future they are massive spoilers, as it was an unused 10 page intro…. with giant robots. Not even slightly kidding.)

Thanks for Reading!