Hey all!

Thanks for stopping in, I have been having a mysterious computer issues as of late. It’s making certain programs lag while others just seem to breeze on through, but it means the world to me that you have the patience to keep popping in. I’ll make a blog later today, or tomorrow that shoulder catch you all up on the current going-ons with my end of things.

This page was fantastic to draw, I knew that Reaper was going to come out with a bang and just really wanted to show that in your face. It’s the direct approach that Reaper is going to be known for, I hope that came across.  It’s a blast (pun kind of intended) to design the weapons and gear that gets to be featured in these pages and I’ve been trying to push myself out of my comfort bubble to make some really interesting stuff.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Reaper is going to be sticking around these next few pages, so strap in and let’s see how the boys fare against a physical threat. My reaction is pretty close to Jacobson’s at the idea of them all throwing down in a knock down by your boot heels fight.

As always, Thanks for Reading!