And, we’re back!

So this was a long time coming, with the mystery hiatus and this being the page I had to stop mid way through for family reasons. Detailed slightly more Here. A rough summary being that my grandma was sick and there were a lot of trips to my hometown so that I could spend time with her. It’s not a short drive, and with work/life I became overwhelmed. Now that she is in fully recovered (thankfully!), I found time to begin working on the comic pages in earnest once more. This was a daunting page to come back too. Starting right off with complex panels and high panel count, but it was also really rewarding to tackle.

It’s also a big load off my shoulders to finally be finished with it, and I took a good deal of time this week to color and polish enough to be shared. I absolutely love where my style is going and how it makes choices sometimes as if on it’s own, but it does take more time. It seems the faster I get the more I seem locked into the smaller details and it all seems to equal out to overall about the same time span, but it’s a blast seeing where it’s going with each passing page.

I hope you enjoy and the next page will be uploaded eventually. I am still sorting through quite a bit of life, so a schedule isn’t expected for some time. Just know I am progressing as quickly as possible, and you are all definitely not forgotten.

As Always, Thanks for Reading.