And despite the sickness, a new page appears!

It was a stroke of luck to get this done this quickly with my hectic life schedule, and I am grateful for the help received with it. I was very happy to be working from some older sketches to have a starting point for this pages and it turned out pleasantly. A special shout out to my friend, and frequent contributor to Underdogs.

Anthony Salinas – You might recognize his work from the fan art page and he is currently contributing towards the first mini-comic of the series. (I’ll keep you updated at to its progression in the future.)

Most recently he has helped with this latest page by fine-tuning the layout and is always a great sounding board for any art that I might not feel is quite right. His opinions are always welcome, and he is an amazing artist in his own right.

As for the Comic itself, you can expect the next page to be roughly 2 weeks out, I haven’t had the best life schedule right now and am going to try and prep all of the last 5 pages of Issue 2 at once. This way I can get a jump on my weekly update schedule, especially with how it stands right.

I hope you all enjoy and thank you for your continuous support!

As Always, Thanks for Reading.