Action Packed Update! Finally getting through these more action heavy pages where Eric is doing more than playing a bullet catcher. It’s also great to be getting different angles and get motions down again to keep things fresh. I still have some tricks to try but I’ve been really happy with how these have been turning out lately and excited to show you more as these pages progress.

Reaper is just a fun character to draw, complex to the point I am irritated at times by the design but overall just damn fun. I’ve been dying to get those blades out and swinging so happy I can finally share that tidbit. The eye trails were a late addition with finishing the last few pages but I honestly can’t picture the character in motion without them, it’s just a fun trait that fit all too well.

If you have been following my Instagram, you have seen my progression on the ‘Boot’ panel and how much fun I had with it. Happy to be showing it in polished for with the accompanying page.

With the new coloring techniques I have been trying out, the pages are taking longer to finish but the schedule has already been adjusted to prepare for that. I really like how the new colors have been turning out so get ready for more next week, as always any comment or questions you can reach me just about anywhere.

As always, thanks for reading!