Gunshots and Crystals!


Most pages are a lot of fun, its the nature of working on your own projects but this one was a blast, no pun intended. I really enjoyed trying to work in some of those dynamically shaped panels from the 90s childhood without going full overboard. I’ve been experimenting with it more lately but I enjoyed the contrast that it presented on this page the most. The right side being firmly Theo oriented and the left being most Eric vs Reaper.


I have never drawn so many tiny crystals! The panel of them shattering on Theo’s chest was rewarding as it was difficult. Well worth it for the final product, but I’ve never really  drawn or studied geodes before these past few pages. Definitely some very cool stuff out there for reference, tumblr being the best source that I found while working.


Speaking of alternate sites, there is a process progression for Panel 1 available on: Instagram.


I had given up on the application until I started to find new artist through it, and am now transitioning into using it entirely for art. So that’s been fun albeitslow moving as I adjust to the new schedule. Iwould of had the page up in the wee early but life continues to happen, with a spontaneous vigor. I can’t say I’ve ever experienced a bedroom ceiling starting to give way because of water damage before. But more on that later on!


As always, Thanks for Reading!