Special Flashback Appearance!

It had been so long since I had a chance to draw Battering Ram! I had a blast with retouching how we had last seen him mid-Issue 1, which I had to reference heavily. It also been a good while since I had done anything in Eric’s water color like memory, so it was a real treat to break out both of those at the same time.

And that’s not even touching on why Reaper hadn’t been letting Eric lay a hand on the armor during combat, those big mitts are bending it like tin foil. The real shout out goes to the MVP of Theo, who was way ahead of curve by getting Reaper tripped up to begin with. That fellow is crafty, even half consumed in a biological crystal mass of growing crystal.

Special thanks to Anthony Salinas, if you didn’t know by now, he gives me some help with layouts and poses when I get stuck. Panel 2 was a mess before he helped me hash out a better idea. So this page looks even prettier thanks to him

I hope you enjoy! That makes 3 weeks in a row, so I am taking a week break to try and build up a buffer and take care of some site necessities, comments as always are welcome over the short break. I’ll have more to share with you all soon, and keep an eye on Instagram for sneak peeks!

As Always, Thanks for Reading.