Welcome Back!

The week off every three pages is rough all around, I was able to sneak in some planning and sketches for pages/issues to come and able to handle some real life issues! Getting Sick/Living Space Troubles etc. pretty boring stuff but all have to get handled sometime. It was rough but I am happy to say that everything is on track to the end of Issue 2! It’s all gearing up towards Issue 3 where I get to really start showing the workings of the Schoolyard proper, but I really wanted a chance to firmly concrete these two together as a pair before opening the next chapter.

This page was originally longer in the script but I cut a chunk and updated it into the next page. Giving time to stretch out a moment I thought was really needed on this page. I don’t truly understand why I like showing only parts of Eric’s head at times, but hopefully someday I’ll be able to illustrate just hands and feet and have them convey all you need to know about the story. Like Blade the Immortal, not a plug just something you should give a read.

Speaking of hands, the finger wiggle still makes me laugh.

There will be some edits to come to this page, I wasn’t happy with some of the colors and lighting so I’ll be retouching as I go. For now however, I hope it holds you over and is enjoyed by all.

As Always, Thanks for Reading.