For those of you who didn’t get to see my updates from earlier this week, my left knee is pretty swollen and I drew most of this between ice-packs from the comfort of the couch. Doing much better than a few days ago where I couldn’t hold a position more than 10 minutes without whining and moving to get comfortable (which actually hurt more.) Not the worst but definitely something new, crutches for me today at Mighty Con!

As I mentioned on the previous page, this was an additional page to the original script. It needed updating to reflect recent events, that shouldn’t be forgotten.

I will try and keep personal views and ideals out of the comic for the most part, but there was a real fear.  For an extended period, I would text my friend (then call repeatedly if he didn’t answer) and make sure he was okay on a daily basis. This pales in comparison to other people experiences. Risking repeating myself, that shouldn’t be forgotten, or ignored.

Continuing on with the comic end of things. I was super happy with how the page turned out, the two playing off each other is always a blast to try and capture. I think it’s moment’s like these that lays the foundations for where this book is going and tells more of a story than Face Punches, even as fun as those are.. Expect some sketches and designs from Issue 3 to start working their way into my feeds shortly!

As Always, Thanks for Reading!