The Conclusion of Issue 2!

Finally we have reached the Conclusion of Issue 2!

So… I won’t touch on what’s happening in the page so that people can draw their own conclusions. Though, looking back at the scripts as I am making the art for the pages this is one of the times I stop and take a moment, this was the first that made me do a double take. Only vaguely remembering the camera shots of the server room.

Really? That’s how I chose to end Issue 2?… Oh well.” It does lend itself towards being less forgettable, its unique to say the least.

Moving on I am so glad to be at the end of issue 2, with the laundry list of things that went wrong or worked against me during the course of production. I can finally show it eventually all went right. If you have kept up with the blog you might be a little more familiar with the hurdles, and you might even know how excited I am to undertake Issue 3.

As far pacing goes, I feel like Issue 3 sets the tone I’ve been striving for. Revving up the engine as it were, taking us all along for the ride introducing more characters and more of the story. Now to just make it happen, and not **** it up.

I wanted to take a moment to thank you all, not just the thanks at the end of each post or message. (Which I really do mean) You all have been a blessing to me, I often pop on when exhausted in the wee hours while finishing a page or website addition, just to see who’s reading. When one or two new people are looking through the pages, it’s spurs me on for another hour. It is an immense pleasure to share my story with you, so thank you for sharing it with others, comment, and taking the time to vote.
Tidbit: For those of you from the early day (before the server switch) you might recognize the towers featured on this page! They are in fact the original archive button from the original Nav Icons, these being one of the first things designed for the comic.  While the buttons were lost in transition, they should return someday in some shape or form.

As Always, (Really Truly) Thanks for Reading!