Much Better! Finally some depth and color variety abruptly introduced to the scenery, apologies for not having the uniform numbers up and listed but I have to dig through some notes and confirm each characters. Believe it or not, it’s actually a rather involved process.

This is the (almost) finished version, I still want to touch up some the the characters as the schedule allows but for not it stands as is. I am very happy with the results and will be adding some close ups to my social media sites soon. But there is even more to come so it’s hard to stop and wonder, the next pages should have more and more of the same.

There is obviously a lot going on but it’s safe to say that Eric and Theo have been introduced into the general populace of the Schoolyard, which is probably more diverse than originally let on.

This is a healthy mixture of minor and major characters in the background that I am very happy to be finally sharing, you will be able to see more in the pages to come. I’d be happy to answer questions of name anyone for those who are curious. I’ve been bursting at the seams to share them since day one so I can’t really see holding back info now, having a mild proud papa moment.


Heavily a WIP Rough, but didn’t want you all to be without a page until I was off of work and put in the final touches (which is about 15 hours away all in all.)

This is still going through advanced coloring stages, but with the flats done to can get a loose idea of what is going on and see some of the characters involved. So pardon the mess and be excited for whats to come!

Character Explosion, happy to be showing the tip of the iceberg!

Happy to be back Everyone, as always. Thanks for Reading!