Greetings Readers!

This page deserves a healthy dose of context.
When I was writing this in during the yester-year of distant 2008. I believed nothing would be funnier than to name one of the characters after one of my favorite actors and have them completely oblivious to that fact. Ala Office Space, but without the steaming hatred
Eventually, it even got written into some of the side-plot as I continued to develop the idea. After all Alan Rickman had been a part of my childhood, and when I was older became a sort of role model. (An often quoted, and heavily referenced one at that.)
Sitting here almost a decade later with the actual pages, I never thought my loving Homage would be in Memorandum. The thought never crossed my mind in the slightest, I don’t think it really did for anyone. Sadly, that’s usually how life goes.
I wrestled with the idea of changing it out, switching it to someone else but nothing had that connection like he did. No one else had so closely been knit into my memories of story telling between both of my parents. During my formative years I would watch Die Hard with my father, and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves with my mother… repeatedly. He carried those movies for me.
Then I debated cutting it out entirely, just axing that chunk of the story that I had tied to a living figure. Sweeping it under the rug didn’t feel right either. So when it came down to actually making the pages, the show goes on.

I will dearly miss and continually cherish the entertainment Alan Rickman has brought to my life.

As always, Thank you for Reading!