Finally got the flats done! Advance colors to come after I sleep.

Page Wise!

You can’t choose who you are enrolled into an Uber-tech Technodrome with, but you can still choose to not sit at the table with a wolf-pack and animalistics. I have really enjoyed the range  of faces that come up withs conversation between Eric and Theo. Though they tend to be similar at times its great to get to run through them.

Also, lets hear it for more characters! While some are destined to be fun background characters, there are some gems in there that I can’t wait to revisit.

While the dialogue is from the script as always but it might be doubly relevant for me recently. Especially with this webcomic lacking proper prominent females for these first two issues (lets not undersell Dorothy, but the grandmother can only do so much.) I’ve like to believe that while the boys where getting in street fights, or arrested, the girls were off actually getting **** done. Many more will be popping up shortly in various roles, and that is a huge relief.

I’m very excited for introducing more genders soon to help with the “guy vs girl ratio’ as Theo roughly put it.


Backstory of Flat Updates: I’ve been taking freelance design on the side to beef up my resume/portfolio as I try to find a new job that involves art/design. It’s not taking up a terrible amount of time but considering that Underdogs itself is a full time job, on top of my actual full time job, it’s been busy.  To keep schedules, I have been not sleeping much or for one night this weekno sleep. By no means am I complaining (I’ve been having more fun than ever) just letting you know why there have been some flat (simple coloring) updates. Advance coloring will come today, going to spend a good handful of hours on it tonight.

As a note if it happens in the future, I will continue to update and finish the page in the days/week following as time allows. It bugs me way too much to leave something half finished.


As always comments are welcome! Look for a comic update coming this Thursday (7/30/15) in blog form. I’ve been putting something together from my old notes with some help from my friend (and sometimes editor )Alex Sandberg, that should explain the numerical numbers of the uniforms.

Thanks for Reading!