Flats with Tweaks, updated for Page 3! Only took a family tragedy and 2 months!


So, if you read the last page’s update you know I’ve been swamped with freelance. I’ve gotten through rough of the new page but nothing good enough to show, though I am still putting as much time as I can towards finishing the page. For right now, I can tell you I’m working on it and it will be updating this coming week.

My current freelance project is scheduled to last two weeks, so I’ll do my best to keep you informed. Just know the extra money is going to play big into helping with this book and it is essential, I am also going to be shifting my schedule around to leave more time for art which will be a big help. This is the first update I’m going to end up completely missing since coming back and I’m not taking it lightly. With the break scheduled to start after today, everything will be shifting.

Any questions place them below, this page will update with the comic-page as it progresses.

As Always, Thanks for reading!