I know it’s still in progress, but oh lordie… this page. I had way too much fun with drawing this page. If only because there is a little of everything in it. Originally it was much smaller, but I continued to expand it to fit in more ideas and characters. That meant I could pick and choose what I wanted included from previous pages, which was an added bonus.

Favorites in no particular order.

A Phalanx out of lunch trays, needs to be more of a thing. (I think it’s in a Robert Redford movie)
Pouting/Grumpy Boost (the blue guy).
The feral fight.
Finally introducing Kelley and Pang!

It was a stellar experience.

After it’s finished I’ll be providing a higher res version of Panel 1 for a Pop Out Here. But not yet!

As always, thank you for reading!

—— Soooo much to color, a little under the weather but getting there. Next update still should be Saturday. ——