Greetings Readers!

While it’s the off week for the comic while I update colors for all the newer pages. I wanted to announce something a little different from what I usually post on here.

This May I am a proud returning participant in St. Baldrick’s, a charity that focuses on childhood cancer research. This is my second year as a Shavee and I’m offering rewards for donators. So on top of seeing my oddly shaped bald head, there are some extra rewards below.

– Rewards as follows (All proceeds go to St. Baldricks.)
– Any Amount – I’ll get you something, even if just a heartfelt thanks.
– $20 Sketch – of your choosing, usually 30 minutes of sketching.
– $60 Full Commission – Whatever you want within Reason.
– $80 Full Colored Commission – Whatever you want.




FOR REWARD: Using either the Contact Form, or Email listed in the response simply touch base with me. (All donations are viable for , just let me know)

While there is no goal cap for Donations, I have a personal goal of $500.

If we hit this goal by the end of May, I will be uploading the ‘Origin of Dr. Odd’ the first of a long list of Mini’s, that focuses on diving into the rest of the Underdog Universe. This Mini is being done by the long time friend of the comic Anthony Salinas. (Check out his stuff, truly amazing.)

Comic Example To Come.

As Always, Thank You for Reading!