Greetings everyone, and even some new readers.

I am acutely aware of my disappearance as of late, life has thrown me quite a few curve balls lately. Then continued to throw even more at me while on the ground gasping for air, but I’m happy to say things are starting to return to a pace I can navigate.

That said, I am striving for at least two updates in December, I have them laid out and have begun to carve out time to get them finished. So keep an eye out on Saturdays.

Not much needs to be said about that hasn’t been in the past few months, I am thankful for all your kind words. As a passing sidenote, Underdogs has been up for 2 years as of November, it’s nice to have small victories to reflect on.
As always, thanks for reading. And as a special note, thank you for your patience.